Let’s face it. No one actually needs a commercial building...

What people need is the return on investment and the economic benefit derived from the building.

We pride ourselves on designing and constructing innovative commercial buildings that maximise their return on investment.



We call it innovation by design. On our projects page we have given two recent examples of how through innovative design and construction we have maximised the return on investment for the owners of these buildings. Read More

If you have a need to maximise return on investment from your own commercial building, then please call us. - Chris Broadhead 0274 337 296.


Technology advances in the design of buildings, and the materials used in building both contribute to the sustainability of the building. The more functional the building, the more economical as well as environmentally sustainable the building will be, and the longer the building will be in use.

Environmental sustainability has become a core part of ChrisBroadhead Construction’s push for innovation and better design.

Chris Broadhead explains; “a decade ago building environmental concerns into buildings was seen as an added cost. Today improved environmental design and efficiency significantly improves the overall ROI of a building.”

"Good design can reduce the overall impact of the build environment on human health and the natural environment, as well as adding years to the life of building.

"We always seek to efficiently use energy, water, and other resources, as well as protect occupant health, and improve employee productivity.

"Reducing waste, pollution and environmental degradation also adds significantly to the operating cost of a building through its lifetime,” Chris Broadhead says.