The Massey University Cow House was probably the most competitive tender process ever undertaken for a cow shed in New Zealand, given the University's high profile and the need to be accountable to University stakeholders.

But it wasn’t straight forward. The University made it clear they only had $1.150m to spend on the building. The problem was based on Massey’s specifications; Chris’s team calculated the price of the project to be $1.7million.  Taking an innovative approach to the project Cow House Construction completely rethought how the cow shed could be built, and by engineering it differently to achieve the same goals, they could reduce the cost to $1.41m. Accordingly they appraoched Massey University to accept a tender with a new and different scope but one that achieved the same ends. Based on his lateral thinking, Cow House Construction has won the tender process, and construction is currently underway.

This is important for the ChrisBroadhead Construction as it will be a landmark building that will show case the group’s innovative technology and construction methods. Already they have had significant inquiry since the news has become public. Chris Broadhead believes they are now quoting on 75% of New Zealand’s entire market for cow sheds and this year they will move from 30% market share to 50%.